Torrance Hu

Absolute MemoryBuilder


People struggle with remembering the new knowledge they've learned.  New vocabulary, new math equations, new health knowledge, or even a new set of passwords.  We want to help people with that.

User Research

We did some research based on potential users.  Instead of asking our users, we looked into ways that can help people turn their newly learned knowledge into long-term memories.

  1. In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus collected data to plot a forgetting curve.
  2. 65% of people are visual learners according to the Social Science Research Network.


We are going to make an app to help people learn.  It will remind them of the best time to review new information they have learned in order to help them turn the newly acquired knowledge into their long-term memory.

  1. Remind you to review your information according to the forgetting curve
  2. Pop up the information notification so people could review it without opening the app
  3. Add an intense study mode and casual study mode for different occasions
  4. Embed images and videos of your own choice in order to improve and enhance the results.
  5. Import definitions from major online dictionaries and images from search engines for convenience.
  6.  Trace result for future adjustment and customize the best reviewing time period based on the data.

We came up with the storyboard and some wireframes based on the ideas we had.

Main Page

There is a search navigation, a category menu tab with an add/edit button, a settings button, and a list of knowledge customized by the users.

The list contains a title, an on/off icon with the remaining time until the next review, the main image for the knowledge, and a short preview of the description.


Each subpage consists of six main element/sections, including title, learning icon, image/video section, definition section, and note section.

Header - Search bar with a category menu.  It lets users use the functions or find the next knowledge without going back to the main page.

Title & Category - Title and category of the knowledge or vocabulary.

Learning Icon - A toggle that can easily turn on or off learning function of the word by one click.

Image/Video Section - Area that embeds videos or images of the user's own choice to enhance the ability to memorize the knowledge.

Definition Section - Users can choose to customize the meaning or import from major websites such as Wikipedia or Merriam Webster.

Note Section - Add a note to remind yourself of some tips or related experiences.