Torrance Hu

EteStore Dashboard

EteStore needs a Loyalty System to turn new customers into repeat customers.  The system could also help the company build a long-term relationship with customers and increase customer loyalty.

Challenge & Ideation

  • Build a reward system to keep customers engaged
  • Integrated with main Ete Store eCommerce site
  • Customized reward earning and redeeming system for Etestore
  • Built-in referral program that acquires new customers through friend referrals
  • Be able to send monthly points balance and reward emails automatically
  • Reporting and analytics system to collect data from customer’s actions

Paper Sketch

Low Fidelity Wireframes

I then finalized the idea from the sketches and turned them into low-fidelity wireframes.

Sales Analysis

Including sales and number of orders compared with the previous time period, sales chart sorted by categories, and sales by location sorted by either city or country.  The system would also be able to input an annual goal with the fulfillment percentage chart.

Users can also access information about the top spending customers and the most popular brands and items for customer service or marketing use.

Customer Data

Users will be able to track and search for existing customers through the system. They can also access their basic information provided by the clients and their purchasing activities.

Loyalty Program

The purpose of the Etestore Loyalty Program is to increase customer engagement, foster brand loyalty and turn them into long-term customers.