Torrance Hu

Smart AC Mobile Application


This is a project focusing on the UX and UI design for air conditioners. It’s a mobile app to replace the traditional remote control. We gathered a focus group of 4 potential users and found out the following requirements that are needed to be fulfilled.

1. Users want to be able to control all the rooms in the house with no hassle
2. Users want to be able to monitor the status of all ACs in one screen
3. Users want the interface to be simple to control without extra learning


We designed the dashboard to be able to see all room status at a glance.  We have different designs for the rooms that are on and off and also added icons showing the rooms that have eco or night modes on. Users will be able to access rooms individually by simply clicking on the room they are hoping to adjust.

We also created three control panels for controlling the temperature, fan speed, and timer. We tried to make it intuitive so people can use all functionalities without a learning curve.

Night Mode

Night mode is designed to give you comfort during your sleep by increasing the temperature every hour as you require less cooling as your body gets cold while sleeping. And the functions will match your timer and adjust the temperature according to your time settings. We also gave rooms with night mode on a distinctive nighttime background so people could easily tell which rooms are under night mode.

Feedback & Improvement

After getting feedback from another round of focus group, we figured 15% of the people need a few seconds to be able to relate the icons with the functions while 85% can easily figure out all the functions. Based on this we made some changes by adding English wordings instead of just the icon images. 100% of the people were satisfied with the changes during the follow-up survey.

The other issue we found was people need to go back to the main page in order to access another room, so we added a quick access function so users will be able to switch between rooms by simply pressing the room names.