Torrance Hu

Venga Dine Pre-Shift (SaaS)

I worked on concepts for improving the "Pre-shift - Venga dine"  Project.  the Pre-shift function is an important function that clients would use daily.


Improvements and Adjustments

  • Follow the material design guidelines
  • Change the top menu to a side menu. Users will be able to access all of the pages more
    easily and be able to see all functions at a glance without going through all of the
    subpages to look for what they need
  • Make all of the contents more readable and user-friendly
    1. Separate sections to make it easier for users to find and read things
    2. Increase button visibility and make it more clear what each button is for
    3. Use shadows instead of borderlines to create elevation and make sections ‘pop’
    from the background
    4. Make filter section a floating object so it’s more accessible and user-friendly,
    especially on longer pages, so users don’t have to scroll all the way to the top to
    use the filter section. (Alternative - ‘back to top’ button, but not suggested)
  • Color palette: By setting up a primary color and a secondary color and then generating light and dark variants from them would make the color palette more complete and organized.



Above is the original design



Above is the updated design and improvements for UX and UI


Other Improvements

  • Dashboard/chart mockups to support data visualization skills
    Analytics - diner trends
    1. Line charts instead of bar charts
    2. Go back one year from the current month instead of from Jan. to Dec.
    E.g., It’s July right now, then the chart should end in July instead of December
  • Overall dashboard thoughts/first impressions
    In my opinion, it looks more like software made by developers and it could benefit from bringing
    in a UX/UI designer who could help to make it more user-friendly.